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The Malawi Tomorrow Charitable Trust (SC 033449) was established in Scotland in 2002 with the aim of promoting and advancing the education, health and welfare of young people, and the public generally, in Malawi.

The founding Trustees are Billy McAneney, Managing Director of the Baby Grand Group of companies, and Tony Collins. George Finlayson, a former British High Commissioner to Malawi (1998-2001), became a Trustee in 2005.

Malawi Tomorrow is also registered as a charity in Malawi, with an office in Lilongwe. The members of the Advisory Board in Malawi are Batson Musonje Banda, Ashton Helepa, Mara Kumbweza Banda and Billy McAneney.

Malawi Tomorrow is a founding member of the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

Projects are financed from funds generated from a variety of sources, mainly
business donors, charity events, the Scottish Executive and the clients and customers of the Baby Grand Group.